Chicago Style Pizza in Las VegasThe Chicago style pizza is a tradition developed decades ago by the Italian-American community in Chicago, and perfected to such an art form that Chicagoans heartily missed their favorite when they traveled or moved to another city. As a result, Chicago-style pizzerias have sprouted up around the country, providing Chicagoans with a taste of home, and introducing this unique dining experience to many major cities throughout the United States.

Amore Taste of Chicago

Fresh Ingredients     Dough made from Scratch     Baked in our Specialty Ovens

Our diners will tell you the pizza is well worth the wait, and we invite you to take advantage of our appetizer menu–fried mozzarella, shrimp scampi, breaded mushrooms, fried zucchini, and other offerings, while you relax and wait for the main dish. If you’re in a hurry, however, we invite you to pre-order by phone or internet. The Chicago-style pizza is arguably the most famous offering at Amore Taste of Chicago, but we offer a mouth-watering full menu of Italian-style dishes and other award-winning favorites.

There’s something for everyone among our menu offerings, and our Chicago-trained kitchen staff has garnered the praise of homesick Chicagoans since our opening. Even Italian-Americans from the old Chicago neighborhoods find themselves suddenly transported back to mom’s kitchen table when they order from our menu.


Varieties & Delicacies

A true Chicago style pizza features a thick and buttery crust, often as much as three inches thick around the edges. Topped generously with gooey melted cheese, chunky style tomato or marinara sauce, and heavily loaded with additional fresh ingredients, a Chicago style pizza slice may be too heavy and deliciously messy to pick up and eat, making the Chicago pizza one of the few types that is often tackled with a knife and fork.

Another tradition developed by Chicago pizzerias is the “stuffed” pizza- a variation which truly brings the “pie” to the phrase “pizza pie.” A stuffed crust pizza features an even deeper-dish crust, with a robust layer of cheeses and toppings covered by a second layer of crust which supports even more toppings. This double-decker extravaganza is the ultimate pizza experience! Thanks to Amore Taste of Chicago, that experience is available to you right here in Las Vegas.

Amore Taste of Chicago brings this ultimate Chicago experience to the Spring Valley neighborhood of Las Vegas. With delivery and take-out services available, you can enjoy the Chicago experience from the comfort of our own home or hotel, or come on in to enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant itself. Our walls are lined with photos and jerseys of Chicago’s favorite pro athletes, panoramas of Chicago, as well as televisions to watch the current Chicago teams’ games and other events. Our servers are cheerful, helpful, and (this being Las Vegas) easy on the eyes!

Served Fresh From The Kitchen

Do you miss the sound of Italian being spoken in the kitchen? Your ears as well as your taste buds will be able to confirm that Amore Taste of Chicago offers authentic Italian cuisine alongside its pizza dishes. Our entrees and pasta dishes aren’t “Americanized” versions of Italian classics–with these dishes; we bring Italy to your table. We welcome kids and families to our quiet and casual dining room, with comfortably climate-controlled indoor seating and a private parking lot for your convenience. We don’t take reservations, but with ample seating available, our dining area easily accommodates large groups as well as families. Our dining room view is simply stunning; our front wall is entirely glass, providing you with an unobstructed picture-postcard type view of the famed and fabulous Las Vegas Strip itself. We don’t serve alcohol onsite, but if you enjoy adult beverages with your pizza experience, we invite you to avail yourself of our delivery or take-out services, and enjoy the ultimate pizza in the environment of your choice.